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Everyone has their own unique set of challenges they are trying to over come. Here are just a few that the ECA program has been able to help people through:

  • Unsure of Career Path

    If you are unsure of where you want to go in your career, but know you need a change, we can dive into what is most important to you and help you find a career path that will light you up!

  • Feeling Stuck and Unmotivated

    Many people feel stuck in their careers - no opportunities for advancement, unfulfilling work, and wanting to contribute more. We can break through these barriers and help you move forward with more confidence and purpose.

  • Underpaid and Under-Appreciated

    One of the sure-fire ways to get engineers frustrated is to make them feel undervalued. If you know you are worth more than you are currently getting paid, let's go get it!

  • Getting No Interviewing Opportunities

    Moving from application-to-interview is a difficult challenge for many, but they keep doing the same thing and still don't get interviews! We'll work together to craft a strategy that will multiply your interview opportunities!

  • Resume with No Results

    Your resume and LinkedIn Profile are critical pieces to standing out and showing the skills you bring to the table! You'll get the skills and guidance to truly show off your personal brand, so you can be proud when you share your resume!

Jeff is such an effective, nurturing coach. I can’t thank Jeff enough for what he did for me. Jeff helped me to successfully execute my interviews and aided me in how to ask the right questions. He taught me what not to do in an interview, how to network in today’s job market, and encouraged me to do my best. Jeff was always accessible whenever I had any questions or was feeling discouraged. He always exhibited such enthusiasm and positive energy during our sessions. His 1:1 consultations gave me the confidence to find success in my career track. He is a real inspiration to me, and his coaching technique has been invaluable.

Mrunmayee P.

Product Quality Engineer

It's rare that you come across a person like Jeff and it just got even better having him as my mentor. I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jeff over the course of eight months, during which he effortlessly coached me towards building critical thinking skills. I'm particularly impressed by Jeff's ability to give me a different perspective on things that mattered most to me. He helped overcome cognitive and confirmation bias and focus on objective truth as a basis for building oneself. I particularly enjoyed take-home exercises which made me tick and benefitted me in the long run. Jeff brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience and I'm very certain that anyone would get a lot of value from his coaching. It is a pleasure having you as my mentor and look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Siddesh P.

Software Engineering Manager

The MORE THAN ENGINEERING career development approach created by Jeff has helped me optimize my job search capabilities by providing tips and guidance not only in resume writing, but also networking, interviewing, negotiations and overall career path coaching. While asking Jeff for help in streamlining my resume to make it quickly editable for multiple job applications, he also offered ideas on how to improve my networking connections and strategies by using LinkedIn. I would highly recommend contacting Jeff if you are serious about crafting a career path that fit your needs and passions in a quick and efficient manner.

Luis R.

Senior Structural Engineer

Here is What You Will Learn Inside the Engineering Career Accelerator Online Course

  • Module 1: Developing a Winning Mindset

    You can't get through a job transition without having your mind right. So we start with critical mindset tools to make sure you move through the rest of the program with the right foundation.


    I provide training, additional resources, and opportunities to do mindset assessments to see where you most need to improve. 


    Developing your mindset is a lifelong pursuit - start now!

  • Module 2: Get Career Clarity

    You can't get where you are going if you don't know where you want to go!


    We'll work through multiple activities to get clear on your values and desires for your career. Once you know where you are going and what you want to become, everything else seems a bit easier and you are able to focus on what will get you there.

  • Module 3: Winning LinkedIn Strategies

    LinkedIn is the foundation of your online personal brand, and I show you everything you need to succeed there.


    We go step-by-step through how to craft a winning LinkedIn profile, I teach you how to rapidly expand your network, and give you examples to follow. 


    LinkedIn is an opportunity to show more people who you are and what you can do - I'll show you how to really leverage it!

  • Module 4: Build Your Résumé

    I simplify the whole resume process and give you what matters.


    A resume needs to be simple and focus on what you can DO - the skills you bring to the table. My resume template highlights those skills and helps you show how you have delivered massive value in the past. 


    It's also important to personalize your resume for each job you apply for, but you don't want to spend all of your time rewriting your resume! I show simple tricks to customize it quickly!

  • Module 5: Networking That Works

    Networking is where the real magic happens, as it's the people that you connect and build relationships with that can make or break your career progression. 


    I'll show you how to move through this phase, with my exclusive messaging scripts! I also teach you how to make sure to focus on people that can really help rather than wasting time on people that just don't want to feel guilty. 


    This is where you will really make progress - the things I teach here could be worth the course all by itself.

  • Module 6: Interviewing Skills

    If you have an opportunity for an interview, you need to prepare and put your best self forward. Make the most of every opportunity!


    I teach you how to build your confidence, tell your story, be a solution to a problem, and get the interviewers imagining you being successful in their company and want to give you that offer letter!

  • Module 7: Compensation Negotiations

    You have skills that can bring massive value to an organization, so it's important that you get paid what you are worth. 


    Most job seekers don't negotiate because they are afraid and don't know how! Don't let this be you! 


    The results over your career can be staggering, even millions of dollars if you miss out or fail to negotiate! 


    I teach you step-by-step how to move through the process and negotiate like a pro!

Value of the Course Alone: $997

After getting laid off due to the Covid pandemic and struggling to find work in the saturated engineering market I found Jeff. Jeff has dedicated himself to helping others find meaningful career paths in the engineering fields and as an engineer himself Jeff understands our goals, mindsets, ambitions, and struggles. The curriculum and support he offers is tailored for engineers and I have found it extremely helpful in landing interviews and job offers in this difficult and competitive market. He helped me find my next job and I highly recommend his services to other engineers who are either looking for work or looking to advance their career.

Ben R.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

When I began working with Jeff, I already had a PhD and 3 years of consulting experience under my belt, but I lacked direction and still didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Jeff was able to mentor me through the process of gaining clarity into my goals, managing imposter syndrome, and identifying what really mattered to me in a job. Additionally, Jeff's guidance and Engineering Accelerator program resources helped me develop a resume, LinkedIn profile, and application package that really stood out. Thanks to working with Jeff, I was able to land a new and exciting job that is in good alignment with both my skills and my passions! I would highly recommend working with Jeff in your technical career journey.

Anne G., PhD

Technical Project Manager

Jeff is a sincere, engaged and knowledgeable coach. I had the opportunity to work with him recently and was blown away by the breadth and depth of his knowledge and his ability to help me identify opportunities for my continued growth. If you are looking for someone to help you co-pilot your career journey, particularly if you are coming from a software engineering background, Jeff will be a valuable resource. You won't be disappointed.

Sean T.

Software Engineer/Project Manager


The Engineering Career Accelerator training gives you pretty much everything you need to be successful, but I wanted to do even more for you. So I created a few bonuses to help you get the most out of the program:

  • PDF Companion Guides: $297 Value

    Many of the lessons include downloadable resources I have created or curated for you to get the most out of the program. Many times, I'm providing templates, activities, and scripts that you can directly apply! 


    Guides include: Career Clarity, LinkedIn, Career Themes, Job Considerations, Informational Interviews, Job Interviews, and more!

  • Resume Template and Example Resumes: $197 Value

    This is the simplest and most effective resume template out there, that I typically only give to my 1:1 clients. 


    With example resumes, you'll see how to utilize it and show who you are and what you can do!

  • Hiring Insider's Vault: $197 Value

    I tapped into my network of recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers and recorded exclusive interviews with them!


    They share the secrets from the side of the company looking to fill a job - how to reach out, how to stand out, and how to show what you can do. 


    These interviews could be a game changer for you!

  • Personal Introductions on LinkedIn: Priceless!

    Who you know is everything! I continue to actively grow my network on LinkedIn, and want to help facilitate you connecting with the right people. If there is anyone I am connected with that you want an introduction to, I'll give you up to 5 personal introductions to help you bridge the networking gap on LinkedIn!

Jeff was instrumental in helping me find clarity in my career path. I was struggling with imposter syndrome and his guidance and coaching has helped me regain confidence. I feel like I am finally back on track to getting a more fulfilling career.

Lisa K.

Chassis Design Engineer

Jeff is a very solid resource in his field of expertise. He is very easy to work with and produces high quality work. If any resume help or consultant work is needed I will rely on Jeff to take care of those needs. Thank you Jeff for a great job!

Burrell S.

Director of IT

Jeff is an excellent mentor for anyone who needs engineering career guidance. He has walked through many aspects of a job search such as improving your personality, how to properly engage employers systematically, and to properly understand employers at a personal level

Jan D.

Mechanical Engineer

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  • A new perspective on your mindset that fuels continued personal/professional development
  • New mentors through your expanded network
  • A true understanding of your core desires, providing clarity for the rest of your life
  • A resume/LinkedIn profile you are proud of
  • A new career opportunity you are excited about!

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More Testimonials

Jeff is a great motivator. I could tell that he really cared about helping me succeed. Even though he helps more than one client at a time, it felt like he was giving everyone individual attention. I came to this program frustrated and confused with a lot of the information I was seeing online about how to change my career. Jeff was able to simplify it and help me see a clearer picture. The most helpful thing about his program for me was changing my mindset. By helping me change my mindset, I could see connections and progress in a more direct and clearer path to my goal. I definitely would recommend this program to anyone who needs clarity or help to change their career or career goals.

Tanoya P.

Research Technologist

It's a huge relief to have worked with Jeff. In a short amount of time, he clarified the nature of my struggle, helped me build a killer resume, excel in interviews and learn how to network. I'm headed to a new job through his efforts which Godwilling will be fruitful. It was a major hurdle to cross, one that exhausted me to my end point and I couldn't be happier with how Jeff took on that challenge. 100% would recommend him to anyone who is in a similar position

Gibran M.

Mechanical Engineer

I approached Jeff a number of months ago, having more than 25 years in the wireless and telecommunications engineering fields. I had been laid off from a tier 1 carrier and was just re-entering the market. I struggled to find a role that was of interest to me but also one that was of interest to a potential hiring manager. My LinkedIn profile was sparse and my resume was bloated and I was sure that I would find an opportunity sooner than later on my own given my breadth of experience. 


I joined Jeff’s Engineering Career Accelerator training and had the great opportunity to be exposed to his success method. It’s fundamentals based, starting with discovering what you like to do and what you’re good at which leads to a well expressed resume which in turn leads to a successful interview with a negotiated position and employment. 


In the end I found a role that I'm really enjoying using business and personal networking, a skill Jeff brought to the table. So it really works if you make the effort. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone actively looking for a job, considering a career move, or simply wanting to discover more about their own work and life motivation with a possible view towards a life change. He’s honest in his business and has a very good grasp of what it takes to be successful in this field.

Greg L.

Director/Senior Engineer

Jeff was a pleasure to work with, helped me clarify my professional goals and helped me finally start making real progress. He has a treasure trove of insight and resources to share for engineers looking to optimize their careers.

Nathan P.

Senior Software Engineer

Jeff was very professional in helping me figure out what my personal, career, and leadership goals are and taking the steps needed to achieve them. I learned more about myself and how to implement my goals both for the short and long term.

Matt D.

Software QA Engineer

Jeff’s career development program is amazing for engineers and helped me so much. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to advance in the field of engineering. I look forward to working with Jeff more in the future.

Nathaniel W.

Lead QA Engineer

Jeff took on the highly difficult task of bringing me back from a position of poor self image coupled with fear and doubt. I was looking for my "happy place". Not only did he succeed, he did so with grace and gentleness. I think he was highly successful with me and my circumstances. High value, highly valuable, and someone I would consider a friend.

Hendry B.

Principal Software Engineer

Jeff is a great listener with an active interest in helping technologists identify and remove blockers in the professional life. He asks critical questions and opens new roads of insight. I would highly recommend his services to any tech workers looking to improve.

Jake C.

Senior Software Engineer

Jeff has a wonderful personality and is really easy to work with. He helped me make my profile better and connect with some people. He is well-read, organized, and dynamic with his approach. I will recommend him anytime. I hope I have his support in the future.

Jay C. 

Mechanical Engineer

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